Still fairly new and growing, the Made In Canada Directory brings you thousands of products manufactured in Canada.  These businesses take pride in their commitment to Canadian made products by building, producing or manufacturing their products at home. Finding Canadian made products has not always been an easy task.  Lucky for us there are many resources now available. We can now find almost anything we need that is Canadian made. Most businesses in Canada have been effected by Covid-19.  Our economy is recovering from the most unprecedented times that many of us will ever experience and we can help.

If you know of any products that are manufactured in Canada which are not listed in this directory, please let me know.  The country is working so hard to get through the pandemic, and there are so many examples of how much Canada cares.  Buying at home is just one of the many options that we have in our control.

If you are aware of any business that is listed on this directory that does not produce their products in Canada, or is not Canadian owned and operated, please report the listing so that I can verify and take appropriate measures. – Stay Safe.

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Made In Canada Directory