Products Made In CanadaThis directory of products made in Canada is a growing list of Canadian owned businesses that are Canadian owned and operated.  These businesses provide services or manufacture / produce their products right here in Canada.  With the economy the way it is and the world changing around us, it is more important than ever to support our Canadian businesses.  Tariffs and the desire to flood our market with products made from outside of the country is a continuing threat to businesses who contribute to our economy.  We as consumers have more power than we think. This site provides some resources for Canadians who want to shop at home.

It is getting easier and easier now to find products made in Canada due to the number of databases being created across the country.  There are websites for food specifically, services and sites that contain a mixture of products and services that are Canadian as well as imported.  This site contains only Canadian made products that are created by businesses that are owned by Canadians.  If it is a product that we all identify as Canadian but is no longer owned by a Canadian, It will likely not be found on this site.  There are however posts that discuss those products that have been relocated or sold to international companies.

There are thousands of products, many categories and even more businesses to chose from.  This site does not discriminate between businesses and treats those striving to grow on Etsy the same as those that have been around for generations.  I believe that everyone deserves the same exposure to get their products to Canadians.  If you notice anything here that you know is no longer Canadian or is no longer in business, please let me know as it is a very big task for one person to keep track of so many resources.

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