Made In Canada Directory includes thousands of products manufactured in Canada.  These Canadian owned & operated businesses take pride in their commitment to producing at home by building, producing or manufacturing their items here at home. Finding Canadian made products has not always been an easy task.  Lucky for us, there are now many resources available. We can find almost anything we need if we search for it. An internet search will show you how easy it is.  Our economy is recovering from the most unprecedented times that many of us will ever experience. Our job now is to support these businesses as much as we can by shopping local and buying products manufactured in Canada when we can.

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This site is exclusively Canadian. Each business is verified through research as regularly as possible. We want to ensure that even the parent company is not an international business. All businesses must be headquartered, based in and owned in Canada.  This is a requirement for all businesses whether it is a product or service being provided.

The directory and mobile app are free for business registration regardless of the size. We do however need a website or a valid way for you to be contacted.  It is free to use and the app has no fee either.  There should be no barrier to supporting our local economy.  If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us and we will respond within a day.  All information for Canadian made products is up to date at the time of verification.