At we manufacture all of our products locally without the use of lead. Each piece has been accurately machined from carefully chosen lumber, and precisely drilled to allow easy assembly.

Automata are mechanical artpieces that achieve a series of lifelike movements using a variety of clever mechanisms. Cranks, gears, wheels, cams and linkages are used to mimic the simple flowing beauty found in nature. As the crank is turned, the butterfly will begin to gracefully flap its wings while information about the lifecycle of a butterfly is presented in a series of illustrated panels.

Detailed, full color instructions guide the builder through each step of construction. The kit is laser cut from select hardwoods and cabinet grade plywood. It is beautifully detailed and has been designed to create a heirloom piece that you will be proud to display for years to come. The finished kit measures 15.2cm(6″) x 15.2cm(6″) x 30.4cm(12″)

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Last Updated October 21, 2021

Made In Guelph, ON:

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  • Butterfly Automation Kit
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  • Perpetual Calendar Kit
  • Beers Of America Collector Map
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  • Magnetic Cannon Availability:

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