Active Gear Made In Canada


If you know of any other active gear made in Canada please forward the information so I can add them to the site.

Active Gear Made In Canada

Porcelain RocketPorcelain Rocket

Calgary, AB

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This one man operation has made Canada his home where he designs and produces anything you need for your bike tour. Made right in Calgary, Alberta. Your can even find his products on the MEC shelves.

Arkel Inc.Arkel Inc.

Sherbrooke, QC

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This amazing manufacturer of everything you can imagine for bikes is made with confidence in Canada. They are so confident that they offer a no hassle lifetime warranty for their products.


Toronto, ON

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This company does almost every step of every product in their manufacturing location in Toronto, Ontario. Although all materials for their products are not available here, the finished product is designed and produced here from start to finish.

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