First formed in the crucible of the boutique long-board brand Ashes Still Water Boats, the idea for this venture has been sitting ready for birthing, unformed and unknown for years.

In the Spring of 2014, two of the four kids were out of the house … evenings and weekends felt more free than they had since my days as a young writer and I set out to test the idea that physical objects could tell a story every bit as compelling as words on a page or images on screen. The form I settled on was a canoe.

After countless hours of experimentation, modelling, consultation, skinned knuckles and dusty beard I settled on a design and materials schedule: the resulting canoes were constructed largely of recovered materials and were as stiff and responsive as any commercial design with a fraction of the weight and a complete story behind them.

This project is the synthesis of the things I love and know best; storytelling, design, and the transformation of wood into beautiful, useful objects.

Ashes Still Water Boats
Owned In: Ontario

Made In Stratford, ON:

  • Canoes
  • Kayaks
  • Custom Boats
  • Paddles

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