Canadian made baby food is all about health and good taste. The following businesses are 3 of the last few Canadian owned businesses who still produce their products here in Canada.  I searched as much as I could to find more and this is all at this time that I could find.  There are still others who make their baby food here but they have sold to international companies and are no longer Canadian owned.  If you know of any baby food made in canada please forward the information so I can add them to the site.

Canadian Made Baby Food

Ontario made, Ontario made products, made in Ontario, products made in Ontario, manufactured in Ontario, Ontario manufactured, products manufactured in OntarioLove Child Organics

Toronto, ON

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A trusted made in Canadian organic baby and children’s food brand, is launching a new range of instant baby cereal containing the superfood chia. All of our yummy products are nutritionally-focused, organic and contain no unnecessary ingredients. That means you will never find refined sugars, additives, preservatives or fillers in any of our products. Part of the baby food made In Canada directory.


  • Cereals
  • Purees
  • Snacks
  • Drinks

BC made, bc made products, made in bc, products made in bc, manufactured in bc, made in British Columbia, Made In bc, bc made, british columbia made, bc products, british columbia products, products made in bc, products made in british columbiaPure Organic Baby Food

Vancouver, BC

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Pure Organic Baby Food – We first met in preschool and knew life had come full circle when our children were enrolled together in a wonderful school in our community. We have developed this beautifully sourced line of baby food from our own experience as mamas of two amazing children each.

We understand the pressures put on parents to provide our babies and children with foods rich in nutritional value. By combining organic produce with aromatic flavours we hope to help you develop non fussy eaters while making you feel proud knowing that you are giving your child a balanced start to healthy eating habits.


  • Signature Cubes
  • Seasonal Flavours
  • On The Go Tubs
  • Toddler Collection
  • Gift Cards

Quebec made, Quebec made products, made in Quebec, products made in Quebec, manufactured in Quebec, Quebec manufactured, products manufactured in QuebecMother Hen

Saint-Leonard, QC

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The story of Mother Hen began in Laval in 1994, in a kitchen that could have been yours, in the hands of a new mommy like you, who was not satisfied with the offer of purees available on the shelves. She wanted the best for her baby! So she decided, with her own mother’s help, to start a home-made production of baby food, bringing together the best ingredients. Their mission? To prepare home-quality pureed baby food, that could be sold in a few outlets in the surrounding area. In just a few years, the company blossomed and the sale points multiplied, but the essence and the heart of the company remained the same: to offer tasty recipes, prepared with ingredients of impeccable quality, that reassure your best-intentioned heart.


  • Frozen Sorbet
  • Frozen Fruits
  • Frozen Baby Foods

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