For over 50 years, BARR Plastics Inc. has been committed to learning as much as we can about our customer’s needs and the challenges they face. This has allowed us to become the leading supplier of environment-enhancing solutions for rainwater harvesting, stormwater management, wastewater treatment, potable water storage and certified safe food, beverage and chemical handling. We respond to our customers’ demands by incorporating a winning mix of competitive pricing on market-leading products, readily available stock with options to ship from over 20 supplier and manufacturing locations across North America, value-added technical expertise, arrangement of delivery and after sales support and repair services.

BARR Plastics

Owned In: British Columbia


Last Updated July 28, 2021

Made In Abbotsford, BC:

  • Plastic Tanks & Liquid Handling Systems
  • Materials Handling Totes, Bins & Containers
  • Dock Floats, Hardware & Building Components
  • Stormwater Management & Rainwater Harvesting
  • Septic & Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • Spill control, Clean-up & Drum Handling
  • Salt Brine De-Icing & Dust Control Systems
  • Custom Plastic Fabrication & Welding

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