Becaguimec Farm – Emily grew up in a quiet neighbourhood in St. Catharines, Ontario. After completing her master in Geography at the University of Guelph, Emily came to New Brunswick to work at Falls Brook Centre in 2009. She is now Director of SPADE (Sunrise Partnership for Agriculture, Development and Education). Emily is a member of the Mount Pleasant Women’s Institute and a Board Member of the National Farmers Union in NB, she is also a graduate of 21 Inc. 21Leaders for the 21st Century.

John was raised on a mixed livestock farm in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. John came to New Brunswick in 2006 after studying at Saint Francis Xavier and l’Université Sainte-Anne. John has farmed alongside a number of local dairy farmers and currently works at the New Brunswick Seed Growers’ Cooperative. John is Chair the New Brunswick Soil and Crop Improvement Association.

Owned In: New Brunswick


Last Updated August 4, 2022

Made In Cloverdale, NB:

  • Ethical Veal
  • Pastured Pork
  • Turkeys & Chickens
  • Piglets
  • Breeding Stock
  • Organic Grain, Straw & Forages

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