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This site is free for visitors and encourages involvement by you who submit products and businesses that you know meet the strict Canadian content requirements. This makes the site a truly Canadian project. There are costs associated though with maintaining the site and the research involved. The hosting costs for such a powerful platform and the cost of the app development are paid for by myself.

I also do not charge businesses to be on the directory as not all businesses are in a position to pay a monthly fee. The goal is to help all Canadian businesses including Etsy creators who manufacture or produce their products in Canada to be found.  However if any businesses chose to participate in a voluntary monthly contribution that would be accepted with much gratitude, and If i can get $500 per month, I can keep the ads off the site for a much more enjoyable visitor experience.

What I am propositioning here is a voluntary opt in monthly contribution or one time donation that will greatly assist with maintaining the site and the hours that I spend every day with updates and refinement. $5.00 CAD per month or any amount will help me to make this site bigger, better and faster with advanced hosting and much faster processing. It is a full time job right now and I do not mind spending the time as I love my country and want Canadian businesses who produce their products here to have success in this crazy global economy.

Contributors will receive a Made In Canada Contributor sticker for inside of your window.  You will also have an honorable mention on the contributor pages I will set up which will include only your first name and where you are from.  Businesses can indicate upon donation that you are a business donating and you will be added to the business contributor page.  Contributions can be made through PayPal or Stripe upon completion.  You can input any amount you like, any amount is helpful.  🙂


Thank You Canada! 

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