Beyond 8 Corners Designs is an interior design firm that provides full service. We collaborate with top architects, builders, and craftspeople to create residential and commercial interiors. We are providing a well-rounded service to pursue the boundary of design trends and create joy, happiness, and luxury in our clients’ space. We are proud of having a creative team with professional skills to thoughtfully listen and understand our clients’ styles and dreams in their projects. We will walk our clients through the design process so they will understand each step, and so can we understand the end goal and vision of every client. We also consistently stay on budget without sacrificing creativity.

Owned In: British Columbia


Last Updated May 31, 2022

Beyond 8 Corners Designs Services:

  • Space Planning
  • Furniture Selection
  • Accessory Selection
  • Material Selection
  • Colour Selection
  • 3DVisualization

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7475 Hedley Ave #208D, Burnaby, BC V5E 2P7


51.4746933, 0.2987025

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