At Biovibez Soapery & More we are a family business from Hamilton, Ontario and our idea of starting this business came from our goal to minimize our footprint and improve our health. Our products are made with natural ingredients or naturally derived, and meant to reduce the use of plastic as much as possible.  Have you noticed the shampoo and conditioner isle in your grocery store?  Plastic bottles to the left and right, up and down the shelves…well, we are trying to help other people make a plastic free choice.  In addition to our solid shampoos, conditioners and soaps, we encourage you to explore our e-store for other plastic free alternatives(coming soon) from other Canadian partners and businesses with the same goal in mind.

The natural desire of each of us to lead a healthy life, without chemicals, has led us to the proximity of nature and beauty. Everything is 100% natural, without chemicals or additives foreign to nature. We carefully choose each ingredient that we personally use in the production process. All our products are handmade with utmost care by my family, in a workshop in Ontario, Canada. We put passion in our products and we aim to produce the best soap, shampoo and conditionair bars.

Biovibez Soapery & More
Owned In: Ontario

Made In Hamilton, ON:

  • Natural Conditioner
  • Hexgon Wooden Soap Dish
  • Natural Shampoo
  • natural Shampoo Bars

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Last Updated August 27, 2022

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