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Bird Toys Made In Canada

Bird Toys Made In CanadaThings For Wings

Vancouver, BC

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Our organic parrot food and treats include bird breads, bird mash mixes, parrot treats, cage mixes, and ingredients to make your own bird food.  Our bird and parrot toy selection is extensive; we sell popular Planet Pleasures, Wesco, Fun Max, Zoo Max, Aussie Bird Toys, Superbird Toys, Scooterz, Paradise Toys, Creative Foraging Systems, Nature’s Instinct, and our Things for Wings brand toys, which made us famous!

Bird Toys Made In CanadaEverything Bird

Burnaby, BC

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Everything Bird toys started from re purposing old toys that were given new life.  Continually asked about where and how these toys were acquired, a made in Canada business was born.

Bird Toys Made In CanadaBirdy Boredom Busters

La Broquerie, MB

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Bird Boredom Busters made in Canada parrot toys that will encourage your bird to shred, chew, preen and forage.  These hand made toys also promote mental stimulation for your feathered friend.  Birds of all sizes will be entertained and boredom will be a thin of the past.

Bird Toys Made In CanadaBirdy Toy Box

Cameron, ON

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With almost 15 years of experience, the Birdy Toy Box has been involved in the design, research, testing and manufacturing of bird toys.  Their goal is to keep all birds happy, safe and healthy.

Bird Toys Made In CanadaZoo Max

Hyacinthe, QC

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Zoo Max Toys manufactures toys for birds of all sizes and breeds.  Keeping your bird entertained and engaged is what happens when you select one of our made in Canada products.

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