Birdy Boredom Busters are made in Canada parrot toys that will encourage your bird to shred, chew, preen and forage. These hand made toys also promote mental stimulation for your feathered friend. Birds of all sizes will be entertained and boredom will be a thin of the past.

We are a small, home based business with an online webstore selling quality, handmade toys for pet birds and rabbits along with toy parts to make your own toys. We have customers world wide and pride ourselves on our products and supreme customer service.

We bring you Top quality & affordable handmade toys for birds of all sizes as well as bunny and small animal toys, plus jolly balls made for birds, boings, swings & a great selection of DIY toy making parts.

Owned In: Manitoba

Made In La Broquerie, MB:

  • x-small – x-large toys
  • foot toys
  • birdie bagel toys
  • shreddable toys
  • seagrass activity
  • swings / perches
  • jolly balls
  • bongs / bungees
  • tents / sleepers
  • treat / toy wand
  • clearance items
Other items sold:
  • beads, rings / charms
  • bird safe wood
  • bagels
  • bulk parts
  • clearance parts
  • coconut / pod cups
  • metal / plastic chain
  • plastic parts
  • rope / cord
  • shreddable parts
  • toy bases
  • veggie tanned leather
  • vine balls / wicker parts
  • wacky whirly tool

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