Canadian made bison products can be found on Canadian owned bison farms right here in Canada. If you know of any Bison Products made in Canada please forward the information so I can add them to the site.

Canadian Made Bison Products

Canadian Made Bison ProductsBlanbrook Bison Farm

St. Marys, ON

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Blanbrook Bison Farm was established in 1992. Both Bruce and Shirley were raised on dairy farms and wanted to raise alternative livestock on their 100 acre farm with their two children. After researching, visiting other bison farms and meeting people involved in the bison industry they purchased 13 bison from Sault Ste. Marie in May of 1992. The herd has since grown to over 100 bison. Farming can be challenging at times but is a very rewarding experience. We enjoy meeting customers and providing them with a quality, local and healthy product.

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