Blacks Creek Innovations Inc. manufactures quality and affordable firewood processors, equipment and conveyors. Our design principle is simple, make our firewood processors and equipment rugged, reliable and good value for your money. Firewood processors and equipment reduce fatigue, are easier on your knees and back, and much quieter than a chainsaw. Best of all, our firewood processors and equipment will allow you to cut over a 128 cubic feet of firewood an hour.

Cutting firewood is not just a job. It’s about being outdoors, working with nature and being self-reliant. Blacks Creek firewood processors and equipment ease your life’s work so you can focus on output. Nothing beats the satisfaction of standing back and admiring that big pile of wood you just cut!

Owned In: Ontario


Last Updated July 11, 2021

Made In Kemptville, ON:

  • Firewood Processors
  • Conveyors & Live Decks
  • Grapples & Trailers
  • Log Cone Splitters
  • SwingBlade SawMills

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