Canadian made blankets are made by family owned and operated businesses across the country. If you know of any blankets made in Canada please forward the information so I can add them to the site.

Canadian Made Blankets

Canadian Made BlanketsCustom Woolen Mills


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Custom Woolen Mills is a small, family owned and operated woolen mill located near Carstairs, Alberta, Canada. Using turn-of-the-century industrial revolution machinery, we have been providing quality woolen and exotic fibre products to our loyal customers for over 35 years. We are proud to offer a wide selection of carded wools, yarns, bedding, socks, hand-woven blankets, hand-knit garments and kits, and felted items. The wool we use is sourced directly from farmers in Western Canada and through the Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers, then hand-sorted at our mill to ensure the best possible product. Since we complete each step of processing right in our mill – from washing and dyeing to spinning and knitting to quilting – we have products to suit any fibre enthusiast’s needs.

Canadian Made BlanketsKuseno

Langley, BC

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Need a pillow with a little more substance? Kuseno makes pillows out of buckwheat and it is 100% Canadian organic. The outside is 100% cotton and the inside is 100% organic buckwheat.

Blankets Made In CanadaMoore House Alpaca Socks

Ridgeville, ON

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Alpaca socks are truly wonderful for your feet. Once upon a time, I could not understand why folks would spend so much on alpaca socks when you could get cotton socks for $3 a pair at a discount store. All of our socks are MADE IN CANADA!

Blankets Made In CanadaThermohair Inc

South Mountain, ON

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The yarn is then knit into socks at one of the few remaining mills in Canada. The socks are sized, sorted, labelled, some dyed, and shipped from the home farm.

Blankets Made In CanadaWhetung Ojibwa Centre

Curve Lake First Nation, ON

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All of our Moccasins are 100% Made in Canada! We have sold Moccasins and blankets made in Canada for generations and people keep coming back for more. The record for oldest pair of Moccasins is 26yrs, and that is with steady daily wearing.

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