Welcome to a magical world where water and fire not only mix, but mix and match as well. Assemble the Bloco Toys wavy blue Aqua Dragon or fiery red Pyro Dragon our designers have created for you, or combine the characteristics of one with the other to produce a multi-coloured dragon that can straddle water and fire. Hundreds of pieces that add up to countless possibilities…

Bloco is a different species of construction tou! You simply plug the plastic connectors in the foam pieces, and play! Bloco pieces are modular to enable you to build and shape a world of models. Realistic, sci-fi, terrifying, Bloco-comical, Bloco-co. Unique foam and plastic construction set both boys and girls can enjoy. High quality pieces are attractively colored to stimulate play and can interlink, stack and rotate to build a Mandrill or any creatures kids can create.

Bloco Toys Aqua and Pyro Dragons
Owned In: Quebec

Made In Outremont, QC:

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