Canadian made bottled water comes from the fresh mountains of Canada across the country. If you know of any bottled water made in Canada please forward the information so I can add them to the site.

Canadian Made Bottled Water

Canadian Made Bottled WaterGnuSanté

Burnaby, BC

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The express purpose of delivering honest, nutritional benefits. We wanted to put the consumer before the corporation. We use simple, healthy, non-GMO ingredients, sourced as locally as possible, and formulate them to deliver specific nutritional benefits. All of our business choices are centered around what’s best for the consumer and the environment. We were told we couldn’t operate this. That we couldn’t succeed doing small batch production with quality ingredients at a higher price point. We’re proving them all wrong every day, because consumers deserve better and are starting to demand better.

Canadian Made Bottled WaterCanadian Springs

Mississauga, ON

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We are proud to be Canada’s oldest, largest and most trusted direct-delivery drinking water company. Canadian Springs was established in 1882 as the Laurentian Water Company in Montreal and has been in continuous operation since that time. Over the past 131 years, we have grown through a series of market expansions and acquisitions to become an enterprise with a national presence, serving Canadians from coast to coast.

Flow HydrationFlow Hydration

Aurora, ON

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The water we drink matters. It impacts our bodies, communities, and the environment. That’s why we created Flow, a mindful water company that considers sustainable kindness and healthy hydration first. In the Clean Water Act, we trust. We work with hydrologists who conduct studies that help us understand how best to protect our natural source. This means ensuring that the water we take is sustainable and the surrounding environment is preserved.

Bottled Water Made In CanadaFarm Boy

Ottawa, ON

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Farm Boy fresh market stores have been providing a fun and friendly, fresh market shopping experience including bottled water made in Canada for over 36 years with legions of loyal fans in Brantford, Cambridge, Cornwall, Hamilton, Kingston, Kitchener, …

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