At Bravo Fido a positive dog trainer marries science based animal learning principles with an ethical perspective. Similar to doctors, we believe that our interventions should do no harm and we should use the least invasive method possible. We don’t use pain, fear or intimidation in our work with animals and their humans. With all the tools available to us, it would be malpractice to do otherwise. (It just isn’t necessary! )

There are so many myths and misconceptions in the field of dog training. We wish to bring efficiency and clarity to dogs and their owners. We also believe dog training should be fun and effective for owner and dog. Sharing a common vision of what dog training could be, we decided to team up. At Bravo Fido, we go above and beyond to keep ourselves educated and up to date with the latest behavioural science. There are actually no standards in the field of dog training but we believe there should be. As our clients, you deserve the best and you will get it!

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Last Updated April 9, 2022

Bravo Fido Services:

  • Puppy Training
  • House Training
  • Obedience Training
  • Clicker Training
  • Behaviour Problems
  • Parrot Behavior Training

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