Brian Simons Fine Art – Being a self-taught artist, I have derived much of my inspiration from the “GROUP OF SEVEN”, the French Impressionists and the Writings of Baha’u’lla’h (Baha’i Faith). My family and I moved to Vancouver Island from Alberta, where I first began to paint approx. 35 years ago. Prior to that, I focused mostly on drawing and sketching. I began showing my work in 1988 and have been represented by numerous galleries on the Island.

From many years, I painted on a full-time basis and have had many successes and confirmations in that period, including numerous commissions for a television production company, commission work for architects, several corporate and private sales both in Canada and the United States. I also conduct acrylic painting workshops in Canada and the United States and have written a painting book and 2 ebooks for anyone interested in learning to paint with acrylics.

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Last Updated July 12, 2021

Made In Victoria, BC:

  • Fun Whimsical Paintings
  • Primitive Hand Paintings
  • Palette Knife Paintings
  • Abstract Paintings
  • Other Paintings
  • Prints
  • eBooks

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