Welcome to Busy Bee Wax ~ Cast Iron Seasoning & Restoration. A little About Us we are located in beautiful Victoria BC Canada. There’s just something about cooking over an open fire with your favorite pan. Busy Bee Wax is a top grade oil mixture with just the right amount of beeswax to give your cast iron what you need. Beeswax has been used on cast iron for hundreds of years. By combining two high smoke point oils to the mixture at the right amount, your cast iron will be dark, stick-free, and great for cooking time and time again. We stand behind our product and offer a 100% money-back guarantee!

Busy Bee Wax is simply the best item on the market today for your cast iron! There are other brands of Beeswax seasonings out there, but none compare to what you get with Busy Bee Wax! Our ratio of highly prized Grape-seed oil is kept high to ensure that deep, dark seasoning everyone loves. We offer our blend in bar formation or Deodorant sticks; and are coming up with new ideas daily!  We have Busy Bee Wax packages available to give you more options for keeping Busy Bee Wax in your home, vacation home, camper, or giving one to family and friends! Our goal is simple, we want to give more product value to our customers and our staff is always available for questions!

Busy Bee Wax
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Last Updated January 10, 2022

Made In Victoria, BC:

  • Cast Iron Seasoning & Conditioning

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