Canada Fishing Reels – In 2009 I was getting close to retirement and I started asking myself what would I do with the extra time. I decided to look into the possibility of again making fishing reels as I did back in the ’90’s. I did an online search of my old brand name “The Credit Reel” and actually got some hits. From there I posted some pics of my old reels on a local floatboard and there was a lot of interest. In 2012 I decided to go public.

So now I am a retired mechanical engineer with some time on my hands and working again with Canada Fishing Reels. I design all my own reels and machine all the parts in my shop. The reels are not designed in a vacuum however. There are several good friends always on hand who are skilled fishermen to consult with and who test the reels before they are made for sale. My goal is to make good reels that people will enjoy fishing with. If you buy a reel from me I will do my best to make sure you’re happy with it. I look forward to hearing from you!

Owned In: Ontario


Last Updated December 22, 2021

Made In Belle River, ON:

  • Mooching Reel
  • Spey Reels
  • Rainmaker
  • Rainmaker custom 25th Anniversary
  • Umbra
  • The Canada Drifter
  • Tailout Drifter
  • Revolution
  • The Credit Float Reel

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