Canadian Tarpaulin Manufacturers Ltd. is a private corporation, which started business in Saskatoon manufacturing tarpaulins and protective coverings. The company has continued to grow and evolve since its inception in 1980 and now offers a wide variety of stock and custom made products for use in the agricultural, industrial, transportation, resource and recreational sectors. The Company’s products are primarily marketed through wholesale and direct channels to retailers throughout western and northern Canada and the mid-western United States, although we regularly work with global customers.

Canadian Tarpaulin Manufacturing
Owned In: Saskatchewan

Made In Saskatoon, SK:

  • Crop Storage
  • Motor Covers
  • Grain Bin Accessories
  • Fabric Shelters
  • Side Roll Tarps
  • Multi-Purpose Tarps
  • Insulated Tarps
  • Hoarding Tarps
  • Power Blanket
  • Load Signs & Flags
  • Trucking Tarps
  • Welding Screens
  • Curtains

Canadian Tarpaulin Manufacturing Availability:

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