The Oldest City In Canada

There are a few versions of what is the oldest city in Canada.  It might actually depend on how you look at it. Pre Cannda, actually began long before the first city was established.  It was during the final glacial period that the Paleo-Indians migrated from Alaska which was not yet America. Through the next […]

Fair Trade Partners In Canada

If you know of any other fair trade partners in Canada please forward the information so I can add them to the site. We know there are some ingredients that are not available in Canada. There is however a Fair trade movement and certification that companies can register for to ensure that the producers of […]

The American Price

With all of the shenanigans that have gone on in America since the drastic administration change in 2016, it is easy for people around the globe to think of all American citizens as …. America.  This appears to be the American price. However this picture is untrue.  There is Donald Trump and his cronies …. […]

NAFTA Is Not Going Anywhere Yet

In November 2018, the negotiators for Canada, America and Mexico concluded their talks and signed what was to be the new NAFTA agreement.  Or as Donald would call it the USACM of course with the USA which is between the two countries being first.  I liken it sort of to the middle child who insists […]

Canadian Made Community

As we are all attempting to buy Canadian as much as we can, I feel we should maybe be sharing as much information as possible to assist people in their search.  This Canadian made community has actually been on the web as early as 2007 as I mentioned in my previous article.  Well now I […]