Canadian made chicken products are brought to you by farms who have been in the industry a long time. If you know of any chicken products made in Canada please forward the information so I can add them to the site.

Canadian Made Chicken Products

Canadian Made Chicken ProductsAunt Kathy’s Homestlye Products

Waldheim, SK

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In 1985, in the small town of Waldheim, SK, Aunt Kathy’s Homestlye Products was born. We focused on making natural home-made baking, pizza, subs, traditional perogies, cabbage rolls and more. As business grew by word of mouth, local

Canadian Made Chicken ProductsTamarack Farms

Erickson, MB

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At Tamarack Farms, we first became interested in growing quinoa on our farm because of our strong interest in local food and our connection to Peru – Alexandra is originally from Lima, Peru where Ryan and Alexandra met in 2004.

Chicken Products Made In CanadaSofina Foods

West Markham, ON

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Sofina Foods has a proud history of growth. We began in 1995 with 60 employees after the acquisition of Vienna Meat Products including Canadian made chicken products. Our unrivalled expertise in processing meats and ability to recognize growth opportunities across our family of …

Chicken Products Made In CanadaPine View Farms

Osler, SK

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Pine View Farms is owned by Kevin and Melanie Boldt & Family and has been in operation since 1998. We are fourth generation family farmers. Kevin’s Great Grandfather settled on this yard in 1901 with his wife and 18 children.

Life Choices FoodsLife Choices Foods

Toronto, ON

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Life Choices helps you make good choices in the meat and chicken products made in Canada  that you put in your body. All animals are grass fed or raised on in a pasture and contain no enhancing hormones or antibiotics.

Chicken Products Made In CanadaHarvest Meats

Yorkton, SK

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Based in Yorkton, Saskatchewan today we 250 people at a facility with over 165,000 square feet. We put quality ingredients in our products and only use select cuts of pork and beef. We don’t use any meat fillers or by products.

chicken made in canadaBearBrook Natural Meats

Navan, ON

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BearBrook Natural Meats is the place to find deer, elk, buffalo, wild boar, ducks, geese, camel, and kangaroo as well as other exotic and North American meats including including domestic varieties such as beef pork chicken lamb. Some of our…

chicken made in canadaBeretta Farms

Toronto, ON

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Proudly offering proteins that are raised without the use of antibiotics on Canadian family farms that are known and trusted, Join Baretta Farms on our ‘good food’ journey and to feel good about what you’re sharing at your dinner table.

chicken made in canadaExpresco Foods

Montréal, QC

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Espresco Foods provides the best meat snacks including chicken products made in Canada, their commitment to animal welfare will inspire the right behaviours from other meat snack producers and the farms who supply the highly valued Canadian Beef.

chicken made in canadaFarm Boy

Ottawa, ON

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Farm Boy fresh market stores have been providing a fun and friendly, fresh market shopping experience for over 36 years with legions of loyal fans in Brantford, Cambridge, Cornwall, Hamilton, Kingston, Kitchener, London, Ottawa, Oakville

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