Circle D Ranch – Bill’s father, Bill Drury Senior, homesteaded the ranch in 1962. It started out as a hobby for Bill’s dad, who liked to come out on the weekends and play around with his horses, do a bit of clearing and haying, and eat sardines and crackers with his son. After travelling around the world for 3 years, Bill came back to Whitehorse and his dad suggested he might like to try farming as a lifestyle. Bill started working the land in 1976, and never looked back….he cleared, root raked, seeded acreage to hay and oats for animal feed, boarded horses and built a log home and barn.

Owned In: Yukon Territories


Last Updated July 26, 2021

Produced In Whitehorse, YT:

  • Beef
  • Elk
  • Haskap Berries
  • Haskap Chutney
  • Haskap Jam / Jelly
  • Kale Chips

Circle D Ranch Availability: