We might not realize it but there is a lot of clothing made in Canada.  Not always through factories but stitched either in small production buildings and even in a creators home.  The design and creation is often a result of a designers passion and interest in sharing their talents while providing an amazing product to share with Canadians and those living abroad.

From coast to coast you will find seamstresses and designers who have their products in stores or can custom create your suit for a special occasion or as you present your best every day for work or play.  Weather you are going out, going to sleep or heading out for some activity time with friends and family, there is something for you and your every day living from people across the country and online.

If you know of any clothing made in Canada please forward the information so I can add them to the site.  Canadians will appreciate your contribution to this one of a kind resource.

For more information on Canadian apparel visit the Canadian Apparel Federation.

Clothing Made In Canada

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