Creek & Gully Cider – Over time, even the smallest creek carves out a gully, forever changing the landscape. We make cider from our Naramata orchards, which have been tended by our family for five generations. Certified Organic for over 30 years, we are stewards of the land and strive to express its sense of place through our cider. Using organic farming practices and low-tech hands-on cidermaking techniques, we invite you to enjoy apples in a new yet ancient light.

We strive to innovate our family farming tradition to be a model of sustainability in agricultural and business practices. As a true family operation we’re indebted to the support our our partners, parents, siblings, neighbours, and community to bring you the finest cider.

Owned In: British Columbia

Made In Penticton, BC:

  • Crabby Pear
  • Plum
  • Cannery Brewing Collab
  • Cherry Can
  • Gold
  • Fortuna
  • Pink Lady
  • Newton Granny
  • … and more

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