Crokinole Canada was founded by Ted & Alanda Fuller in January 2018. We started as a drop ship operation for some of the most respected and major Crokinole Brands in the maker space including Muzzies, Tracey Boards, and EddyCrest Co. We currently carries boards made in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, and abroad. We are dedicated to providing a wide selection of basic crokinole boards as well as top-quality boards made to last for generations.

They now warehouses many crokinole boards in 3 different onsite buildings in order to meet the demands of the Christmas rush! We begin preparing our stock levels a year in advance in order to not dissapoint anyone at Christmas time! We are also starting to make boards on site, with basic operations like pegging, and CNC cutting being done on site. The crokinole board line printing is done by super advanced UV printing technologies from Innovative Print and Design in Millbank, Ontario.

Crokinole Canada
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Last Updated February 4, 2022

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