Dog Treats Made In Canada


If you know of any other dog treats made in Canada please forward the information so I can add them to the site.

Dog Treats Made In Canada

Crumps NaturalsCrumps Naturals

Brampton, ON

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Since our move to Brampton the company has continued to expand in both assortment and volumes. With over 65 dedicated team members and 60,000 sq. feet of kitchen and office space we like to think that our little company is well positioned for the future.


Basile-le-Grand, QC

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We take great pride in sourcing fresh poultry, meats, wild-caught fish, and produce directly from Canadian farmers, ranchers and fishermen –chicken across the country.

Acana Dog TreatsAcana

Morinville, AB

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e prepare ACANA foods and treats ourselves, with fresh ingredients from trusted local Canadian farmers, ranchers and fishermen.

Hero Dog TreatsHero Dog Treats

St. Catharines, ON

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The HeroDogTreats™ team believes that our HERO’s are our family members and that they deserve the very best. No exceptions! At HeroDogTreats™ our products are from government inspected facilities from human grade animals. We believe in feeding products you can trust! Buy Canadian, grown in Canada, and made in Canada.


Ottawa, ON

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We’re proud to make Canadian food in Canada, with exceptional ingredients taken from right here at home, eh? We use only sustainable ingredients, and all are sourced directly from Canada.

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