Dona Bona Cards – I live on the north end of the beautiful town of Peace River, AB where I hiked with our dog, Ben, in the hills almost every day for 15 years. Now I walk with Mylo, a very energetic Border Collie Bernese Mountain dog cross. I will be forever grateful for their eager companionship on our beautiful wildlife trails.

During a very difficult time in my life, a wise counselor compassionately suggested, “Look for the pieces of light in your life.” I began taking photography classes so I could capture some of the beauty around me, especially a wild tiger lily or a group of spring leaves back lit by the sun. I didn’t realize it at the time, but photography was becoming my therapy. My desire to share that light led me to start designing cards to accompany my photography exhibits. I am a musician, and I find designing a card to be like writing a song. The images are the melody, and writing a greeting, finding quotes, and writing stories for the back of the card is like composing lyrics.

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Last Updated August 3, 2021

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