Drifter’s Paradise Jewelry is inspired by Nova Scotia’s breathtaking ocean coastlines, lush wilderness, and warm summer nights spent with friends and family. Whether you have roots in Nova Scotia, have been fortunate enough to visit the beautiful province, or simply love the East Coast of Canada, Drifter’s Paradise Jewelry will make a statement with meaning. Each piece of driftwood is hand picked from the eastern shore of Canada, and crafted into wearable art by Rebecca Granat in her Halifax studio.

There is something so magical and mysterious about driftwood, which makes it so beautiful. Each piece collected has an untold story and journey. Where did it come from? What size wave brought it to shore? What species of tree did it originated from? How old was the tree and what has it seen? Driftwood is also a vital component of beach ecosystems, which is why driftwood is collected from private land (with permission), or in small quantities from beaches.

Owned In: Nova Scotia

Made In Halifax, NS:

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  • Earrings

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