Canadian made dryer balls are made on Alpaca farms and by family owned businesses across the country. If you know of any dryer balls made in Canada please forward the information so I can add them to the site.

Canadian Made Dryer Balls

Canadian Made Dryer BallsHighTales Alpaca Farm

Portage Vale, NB

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In our little shop at the HighTales Alpaca Farm, we have hand-made knitted and crocheted items available, insoles made from our felts, 100% alpaca fibre dryer balls and Canadian machine-made Alpaca socks. Our yarn comes on cones from the mill and we wrap them off into 100 gram skeins or hanks. Of course they are all natural colours, some 100% alpaca, and others blended with merino or bamboo. We make our own olive oil soaps, as well. No scents or colours added, ideal for folks with sensitive skin. This year we will also have felted soaps, that is, our olive oil soap has alpaca fibre felted around the bar for a lovely exfoliating experience.

Canadian Dryer BallsNurtured Sew Naturally

Toronto, ON

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Nurtured Sew Naturally is a local family owned business passionate about the Environment and all things Laundry – Especially our Wool Dryer Balls made in Canada!! We specialize in Wool Dryer Balls, Natural Laundry Detergents, Essential Oil based scents, and Linen/Room Sprays; which are all handmade by Jack, the owner of Nurtured Sew Naturally.   Located in Toronto, Ontario – Shipping Worldwide!

dryer balls made in canadaAtelier-Boutique Respecterre

Ham-Nord, QC

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People everywhere have a growing desire to know what lies behind the products they buy, behind the company who made them, and behind the brand image. Who worked to create the products and to make them? Where and how were the products manufactured? What are the company’s values and way of life? We often hear “Vote with your dollar”, a motto for changing the course of things, and this solution appears to be the most efficient. It has a direct impact on consumerist practices, which are, as we know, currently unsustainable in the long term.

By purchasing Respecterre, you are encouraging a group of approximately 100 people who made a responsible lifestyle choice by creating an ecovillage for the good of the environment. All partners who own the company and most employees who work there are members of this ecovillage, “La Cité Écologique”, and advocate for a green lifestyle. This means that all income generated by Respecterre helps contribute to this way of life.

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