Elotte is a Canadian independent-design brand set out to make ethical, sustainable and high-quality garments for babies and kids with eczema and sensitive skin.

We design practical and timeless pieces.
It is so hard to find kids clothing that are good quality and can sustain being rewashed many times. It is even harder to find clothing that works for kids’ and their lifestyle.

Our goal is to create simple and timeless clothing that is smart and suitable for your kids’ lifestyle. Our first product, the Elotte Scratch Sleeve, is an award-winning product designed to help babies with eczema prevent scratching and flare-ups.

We care about our kids and their environment.
Traditional kid’s clothes are the epitome of fast fashion. They capitalize on quick production times by exploiting their workers, polluting nearby rivers, and using chemical-filled fabrics and dyes. These are fabrics that envelop your baby’s sensitive skin, and more likely than not end up in their mouth.

Our goal is to create eco-friendly clothing that is made in Canada by people we know are paid a fair living wage. As well, unlike most apparel companies, we do not receive or ship any of our products in plastic bags.

We are small, nimble and inspired.
We are not perfect and we are always striving to do better.

We have a vision to design clothing for children of all size and shapes and make a positive impact in their lives. In the near future, we will introduce a set of undergarment that can be worn for lounging or as a protective layer for your kids’ sensitive skin. Stay tuned!

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Made In Toronto, ON:

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