EUROTEKK Automotive is your one-stop shop for BMW, Audi, Mercedes, AMG, and Porsche diagnostics, repair, maintenance, and performance. We are located in Edmonton’s West End in the beautiful Sunwapta Park in a brand new, beautiful, and clean 3,100 sqft bay.

We started EUROTEKK back in 2013 with the desire to create a one-stop shop for the BMW, Audi, Mercedes, AMG, and Porsche
owner and meet all their diagnosis, repair, maintenance, and performance needs. Going from shop to shop and even to another city to find a solution can be very frustrating and time-consuming. We started in a small shop on the Southside of the city and have slowly built a reputation and a loyal clientele

We are specialized in BMW, Audi, Mercedes, AMG, and Porsche, and our extensive experience helps us solve the most complicated issues and provide you with solutions and answers. Our clients are not just numbers to us. We want to meet you and get to know you, and we want you to feel comfortable with us and entrust us with your vehicle. Long-term relationships based on trust are our main goal.

Owned In: Alberta


Last Updated January 5, 2022

EUROTEKK Automotive Services:

  • AMG Repair
  • Mercedes Repair
  • BMW Repair
  • Audi Repair
  • Porsche Repair
  • Performance Upgrades

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