Everything Bird toys started from repurposing old toys that were given new life. Continually asked about where and how these toys were acquired, a made in Canada business was born. I started building my own toys for my chinchilla, sugar gliders, and birds out of old toys. I then started buying all these new and cool toy parts and it all went on from there. I always got questions on Instagram about a new toy or where to purchase. So now here I am building up a small business geared towards our beautiful feathered and furry family members. Sharing my old and newest creations with the world. I test all my toys on my pets before publishing as I want to be sure they will be loved and perfect for future clients. I try to create toys that will be loved by all species. I also do custom toys. So if you can’t find a toy that your family member will love, we can make a special toy that is one of a kind and made with your friends most loved and favorite items.

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Last Updated August 16, 2021

Made In Squamish, BC:

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