This Family Pastimes Canadian made games provider has produced games since 1972 in Perth, Ontario. Multiple game platforms for everyone from toddler to adult across the board.

Players work together to get the goat family safely to new meadow and into the barn before the scary, hairy troll catches them. In a simple, exciting way, children will learn logic, consultation and decision making. We don’t like the troll catching any of the goats. He captures them mainly to eat and sometimes for a pet – oh no! So, we’d better bring along the donuts, cookies, and other things much, much tastier than goats! Includes: full color 6″ x 12″ board , 2 special dice, 1 troll, 6 various food items, 6 goats & rules.

Family Pastimes
Owned In: Ontario

Made In Perth, ON:

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