Fine Cotton Factory is a Canadian company founded in 1997 by the uncle-nephew duo, Harish and Biren Patel. With Harish’s extensive knowledge of textiles and knitting, coupled by Biren’s impeccable eye for industry trends, Fine Cotton Factory has grown by leaps and bounds. Through their R&D efforts, they’ve awakened the world to innovative high tech fabrics that are fully customized to their clients’ needs. They strive on setting unprecedented standards on producing high quality fabrics at competitive rates.

They guarantee customer satisfaction by staying current and competitive. They examine each order attentively to ensure all specifications are not only met, but go above and beyond expectations. Over the past decade, they’ve built a loyal customer base, supplying fabrics to manufacturers who make garments for name brands, boutiques and department stores. No job is too small or too big for their textile manufacturing facility. They request their clients to only accept the finest quality fabrics from textile and knitting manufacturers. To assist you in this expectation, Fine Cotton Factory is here for you!

Owned In: Ontario


Last Updated October 11, 2021

Made In Toronto, ON:

  • Mattress Ticking
  • Apparel Fabric
  • Functional Fabric


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