Fit Body By George – I was born in Russia and started competing in sports since the age of 4. Being close to 50 years old, I am still competing today! I have coached many athletes and raised Canadian and World Champions. When I was young, my parents wanted me to become a neurosurgeon, so I ended up going through four years of medical school. Those four years of medical training have made a huge impact on results of my clients. I also have been competing in multiple sports for over forty years, so I understand what my clients may feel going through the prosses. There is no chance for mistakes or injuries. Everything is calculated to the millimeter.

So why do I choose to be a weight loss coach?

Weight loss makes the biggest difference in someone’s life. I see it with every single client of mine. Beside obvious health benefits and living longer, it does something equally important. It raises our self-confidence and self-worth. And that in turn changes all the other parts of our life. Relationships, business, social aspects of life and everything else were we have human interactions and need to feel good about ourselves. I think that a confidence is a huge part of anyone success in life, that’s why I love helping people lose body fat and regain their confidence.

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