The flowerPOWER Harvester 110 is a commercial-quality (long lasting) LED home grow light that is quickly setting an industry standard for durability, versatility, and yield. The same light that commercial growers are using at scale can bring life to cannabis, herbs, fruits and vegetables in your own home or backyard greenhouse!

The flowerPOWER home grow light is manufactured in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada and was developed using Canadian R&D and Canadian patented technology. Even the engineered shipping carton and packaging is made in Canada… no plastic bubble wrap.

It’s durable, bright, and extremely energy-efficient. flowerPOWER’s LED horticulture grow light is engineered to create a maximum of high quality, advanced spectrum light, that uses at least 70% less electricity, and enables plants to flourish with 50% less water.

Our compact and robust design uses tested and proven LED technology that produces plants with consistent growth due to the patented light recipe which allows you to use one light through all stages of plant growth.

If indoor cultivation is your passion… the flowerPOWER Harvester 110 is the light for you.

Owned In: Ontario


Last Updated July 16, 2021

Made In Stouffville, ON:

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