Fox & Pine Woolies are made in our home in the wooded rolling hills of beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada. There are many steps involved to getting the hot water bottle covers and mittens made. The fabric comes from hand picked cashmere and wool sweaters. Cashmeres are hard to come by and we do a little happy dance each time we find one. The sweaters are washed and dried to make them extra fluffy and allow them to shrink if needed. The fabric is cut and sewn to create your warm cozy covers and mittens. The patchwork covers take extra time to match different pieces together. This is the best part! I have so many colors to choose from and it can be tough deciding which ones to use. Many have hearts stitched onto them for an added touch. Mixing and matching the fabrics to make the mittens is so much fun.

Owned In: Prince Edward Island

Made In Charlottetown, PEI:

  • Women’s Mittens
  • Baby Mittens
  • French Press Cozies
  • Hot Water Bottle Covers

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Last Updated September 22, 2022