Canadian made fruit snacks are made by well known companies and creators across the country. If you know of any fruit snacks made in Canada please forward the information so I can add them to the site.

Canadian Made Fruit Snacks

Canadian Made Fruit SnacksPatience Fruit and Co

St-Hubert, QC

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Here at Patience Fruit and Co, we don’t rush nature. We let our cranberries take their time. Since the very beginning, we’ve practiced an organic agriculture, with neither fertilizers nor chemical pesticides. We remove all weeds by hand, and we do not ask more of nature than what it already provides. You can taste the result : cranberries that are larger, softer, better tasting, and of better quality.

Canadian Fruit SnacksPetrofka Orchard

Waldehim, SK

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In March 2014, the Fedosoff’s purchased this wonderful riverfront property which not only included a beautiful home but an established APPLE ORCHARD! We were shocked, along with many others, that full-size tasty apples can successfully be grown in Saskatchewan. In four short years, we have expanded our product line (approximately 50 now),  renovated the country store, purchased a clay oven, started offering weekend, school and group tours and further improved the land to include over 1.5 km of beautiful walking trails and riverfront picnic area for all to enjoy.   AND  . . . we are no where near done expanding and improving our new business venture.  Come see us soon!

Fruit Snacks Made In CanadaSunrype

Kelowna, BC

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This all canadian product which includes fruit snacks made in Canada began in 1946 in Kelowna, BC. Sunrype is part of the BC Fruit Processing Ltd. using fruit right from the orchards.

Frozen Snacks Made In CanadaKisko Freezies

Woodbridge, ON

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Kisko is a proud family run business whose focus for 40 years, has always been to produce the best quality freeze pops in the market. It has an ongoing commitment to product quality and providing 100% customer satisfaction as it relates to their products as well as customer service. Kisko Products takes pride in knowing that children are the number one consumers of their products and tries to address the growing health concerns as it pertains to their development.

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