Giraffy Co is a corporate gifting business that goes further. We take time to understand the recipient and their relationship with you. Only then can we make considered suggestions, because only then do we have the insight needed to get it just right. Great corporate gifting nurtures relationships and builds business. Showing how much you value the recipient goes further and lasts much longer than their initial surprise and joy. It sustains partnerships across territories and time.

The only trouble is, getting it right takes time. Time that you don’t have, but thankfully, we do. They say it’s the thought that counts, but that’s really only half the story. What counts just as much if not more is a gift that symbolizes the high regard you have for the person you’re sending it to.

We can engrave or print your logos and/or your clients’ names on many materials, such as paper, copper, aluminum, plastic, etc Our team of professionals work to ensure that our curated gifts meet the highest standards. We pay attention to quality and detail so you can gift more effortlessly.  It’s about attention to detail, quality and unexpected uniqueness, care, consideration and a personal touch. It’s the sort of corporate gifting that nurtures relationships and builds business. The sort that really counts.

Our sales representative will call you to provide the most suitable plans for your customized gifts. We will guide you to use our online ordering and payment ststem. We try to fulfill orders with in 24 hours and get orders delivered within 2 business days if the delivery address is in Vancouver (Lower Mainland), BC, Canada. For orders outside Vancouver, you can choose between Canada Post and UPS. Free shipping for orders above $200 for each delivery address. Our delivery person will contact you or the gift recipient to schedule a time for delivery and then deliver the gifts to specified address.

Giraffy Co
Owned In: British Columbia

Giraffy Co Services:

  • Gift Recommendations
  • Gif Customization
  • Recipient Management
  • Advanced Packaging
  • Professional Delivery

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Last Updated April 6, 2022