Gloves and Mitts Made In Canada


If you know of any other gloves and mitts made in Canada please forward the information so I can add them to the site.

Gloves and Mitts Made In Canada

Shawcross Bros. GloveShawcross Bros. Glove

Winnipeg, MB

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It all started in 1977 when a fellow named Bill Zayets, an old family friend and master glove maker, took Rick and his brother Wes under his wing and began teaching them the fine art of making handcrafted leather gloves.

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Superior GloveSuperior Glove

Acton, QC

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In a time when most manufacturing was being moved overseas, Superior Glove expanded operations into Eastern Canada. Our two plants in Newfoundland produce a whole new generation of string-knit gloves and sleeves and is the site of some of our best innovations.

Gloves and Mittens made in canadaSilver Moccasin

Cobalt, ON

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We offer quality leather mitts and gloves for winter wear in several styles and colors. These are made in Canada mitts and gloves made from genuine leather.


Toronto, ON

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We are small, nimble and constantly inspired. We look forward to seeing how you add our pieces to what you already have. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. mimiTENS + Some of the Parts accessories are made in Toronto.

Gloves and Mittens made in canadaEgli’s Sheep Farm

Minnitaki, ON

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Through 60 years, while maintaining a working family farm, Egli’s Sheep Farm employs local full-time sewing specialtists who manufacture sheepskin products right at the farm. The retail shop has expanded to become one of Canada’s largest wool and sheepskin specialty shops.

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Gloves and Mittens made in canadaOban Lodge

Sydney, NS

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I taught myself to knit, and found a passion in the endless creative possibilities. I love experimenting with colour, patterns, and texture. My heart belongs to Cape Breton and it’s wild beauty. My goal is to create classic knitwear to keep you warm on your own wild adventure.

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