Golden Age Meadery – My main interests are history and ethnography. After earning a master’s degree in architecture and working for several years, I went on a journey through the countries of Eurasia. Once, in the mountains of Tian Shan, I joined an archaeological team unearthing the ruins of a city on the Silk Road that was a meeting point of various cultures and religions in the six century A.D. where people traded not only goods but knowledge as well.

There was a historian on our team who, every night, told us ancient legends and lore. One of these stories was about mead, the honey based beverage that was venerated by every nation of antiquity. They believed it to be a gift from the Gods. Who were these Gods? Perhaps mead was inherited from vanished civilizations? How could we have let this priceless gift sink into oblivion? Together with other pieces of ancient wisdom that we are beginning to rediscover. It is time to revive this unjustly forgotten Elixir of Life.

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Made In Richmond, BC:

  • Midsummer Mead
  • Hearth & Fire Mead
  • Ancient Lore Mead

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