Grimo Nut Nursery – When Ernie began there were very few nut trees available and little was known about the potential for nut crops in Ontario. As a result Ernie decided to use his land to set up test orchards to evaluate the best nut trees that would grow in the Niagara region. Getting help from experienced growers and local pioneers, he was able to get grafted cultivars and seedling sources from across North America as well as from the commercial nut growing regions around the world.

These trees are grown and tested for their individual nut quality. Each tree is evaluated yearly on several factors including flavour, hardiness, productivity, commercial viability, cracking ability, and disease resistance. We have hundreds of promising trees growing from our own seed as well as the best selections sent from other growers for us to test in our location. Only the trees that prove to be outstanding are grafted and sold through the nursery. With our careful, ongoing research and evaluations you are assured of getting the best trees available.

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Last Updated July 19, 2021

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