At Grunthal Berries we planted our first 5 acres of strawberries in 2009. We have increased slightly from that time to 7 acres. We use raspberries as shelter-belts (to minimize soil erosion when the fields are resting fallow, in bare earth) and harvest raspberries as a U-pick crop. We planted sour cherry trees a few years ago and apple trees in 2016. We have had some setbacks in the orchard with deer nipping off the ends of the branches, stunting growth. As a result, we are delayed in making those fruits available to customers.

We strive to have high quality berries – Sweet – Red – Delicious – Juicy. And our workers are trained to pick good quality berries, so they should last in your fridge for a good number of days. We try to show you our best hospitality to you when you come here. Welcome. We would love to meet you for the first time or see you again!

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Last Updated August 4, 2021

Made In Grunthal, MB:

  • U-Pic Strawberries
  • Jam

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