Every Gulf Island Cribbage board in this shop is made with Passion and Creativity, drilled out one hole at a time with a drill press, and made with found and reused materials, mainly sourced out from local Western Canadian Beaches. Thanks for supporting this lovely plant Earth.

Beach Combing has always been a passion for me. The rugged beaches of Western Canada are exceptionally beautiful and full of treasures. The Driftwood here is beautiful and unique and one never knows what pieces they will find. Making cribbage boards began when I was working at a very dull job. I woke up one morning, and decided not to go back. I quit that day. Instead, I decided to use the rest of my savings to focus on what makes me happy. I stayed home, exercised a lot, and started making cribbage boards from my collection of driftwood.

Owned In: British Columbia


Last Updated December 2, 2021

Made In Salt Spring Island, BC:

  • Handmade Cribbage Boards
  • Handmade Cribbage Pegs

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