Canadian made harps are hand crafted by specialists form coast to coast with experience in the music industry. If you know of any harps made in Canada please forward the information so I can add them to the site.

Canadian Made Harps

Canadian Made HarpsTimeless Instruments

Tugaske, SK

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Timeless Instruments is dDedicated to educating people in Lutherie skills , supplying luthiers, and custom- building musicians exceptional sounding musical instruments.  with ” Action like the Speed of Light “

Since 1980, David Freeman created Timeless Instruments.  a one stop shop for luthiers and musicians!  In 2011, His son, Seth joined the company,  We offer Personalized service. Four Guitar Construction courses are taught a year, You design, construct & build, evolving and researching acoustics in unique instruments that push Sound and Playability,while maintaining Traditional Aesthetics.

Zak Stolk Luthier

Honeymoon Bay, BC

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Zak’s studies in graphic arts at the Niagara Institute of Technology further developed his artistic ability. His need to experiment with his materials eventually led to instrument making which includes harps made in Canada. He studied with Peter Mach, a luthier in Aylmer, Quebec.

Only select aged tone woods (10 – 60 years old) are used to make the violins, violas, cellos, basses, mandolins and archtop guitars. Each instrument is handcrafted from broadleaf maple and Sitka spruce. Zak uses his intuition and liberally borrows from the techniques used by Stradivari and Guarneri. The varnishes he uses are developed from his own formulas.

Harps Made In CanadaJules Saint-Michel

Tugaske, SK

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From the sketch on paper to the glowing violin and harp made in Canada, all the stages of the fabrication are clearly explained. The luthier chooses carefully the wood, cuts and prepares each of the 70 pieces which are then glued. The varnishing, polishing, editing and setting stages must be completed before the violin can sing. “It takes at least 125 hours of work for a violin,” says Jules Saint-Michel, whose fame is international.

In addition to making hundreds of violins and violas, Mr. Saint-Michel has also collected rare instruments. Among those exhibited are a ravanastron, an Arab rebab, a rebec, a viol of the Middle Ages, a porcelain violin and Monsieur Pointu’s violin. You can also see the instruments used in the movie The Red Violin. A very interesting showcase is devoted to Quebec luthiers, including Antoine Robichaud and Augustin Lavallée (father of Calixa Lavallée, author of the national anthem of Canada).

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