Hol Food was developed at the University of Toronto in 2015 by Anastasia Alksnis and current Hol Food President & CEO, James Juras, with the mission of providing the world with accessibility to the complete nutrition their bodies require. That’s still our goal today – developing healthy products that support physical and mental health, while remaining simple, affordable and delicious.

Owned In: Ontario


Last Updated July 10, 2021

Made In Toronto, ON:

  • Rich Chocolate (30 meals)
  • Mild Vanilla (20 meals)
  • Chocolate & Vanilla Sample Pack
  • Gooster Variety Pack (4X each flavour)
  • Mocha Booster Pack (set of 20)
  • Banana Booster Pack (set of 20)
  • Strawberry Flavour Booster Pack (set of 20)
  • Matcha Booster Pack (set of 20)
  • Chai Booster Pack (set of 20)

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