Honey Made In Canada


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Honey Made In Canada

Three ForagersThree Foragers

Saskatoon, SK

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Keeping bees in British Columbia and Saskatchewan promotes the propagation of a species that is critical for agriculture in Canada. Domestic and wild bees, including the honeybee, are responsible for pollinating approximately 70% of the world’s leading crops for human consumption. Bees not only give us honey, but also blueberries, apples, peaches, and so many other fruits, berries, beans, and oilseeds. This is why we ensure everything we do not only results in delicious honey but also a healthy, thriving bee population.


St. Catharines, ON

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Founded in 2000 by Mrs.Bee (Fatima Basic) with assistance of husband, Saban, NutraBee™  is a family run business providing unprocessed Canadian honey and bee products.

Honey BunnyHoney Bunny

Peace River, AB

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The Honey Bunny product line was launched in 2006 and is situated in Northern Alberta. The carbon footprint is drastically reduced by the recyclable packaging.

McKenzie's Country FarmMcKenzie’s Country Farm

Three Hills, AB

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McKenzie’s Country Farm Honey has been on store shelves for over 30 years, and in that time, we have gained a reputation as producers of some of Canada’s finest honey.

Peace River HoneyPeace River Honey

Victoria, BC

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Gilbert Wolfe has always been sweet on bees. As a child, he spent hours observing honeybees in the fields of northern Alberta where he grew up. His first summer job was extracting honey for a local beekeeper.  When he was sixteen, Gilbert convinced his father to buy him fifty beehives. Countless stings later, Gilbert extracted his first honey crop in an old granary and a beekeeping business was born.

Chinook Honey CompanyChinook Honey Company

Okotoks, AB

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Chinook Honey Company started as a beekeeping hobby in 1995 with just two hives on a small acreage south of Calgary, Alberta. For Art Andrews the bees not only pollinated his garden but also provided stress relief from his full time job as an airline pilot. Assisted by his wife Cherie, the tiny apiary quickly expanded.

Beary Berry HoneyBeary Berry Honey

Beaver County, AB

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Our goal has always been to provide a high quality, local product that is all-natural. Everything we sell, we make by ourselves in our commercial kitchen on our farm with honey we harvest from the bees we raise. Every batch is hand crafted, bottled and labeled by our family for yours.

Durham HoneyDurham Honey

Port Perry, ON

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Durham Honey’s headquarters and apiary are located on 37.5 acres of rural property in the Regional Municipality of Durham, Ontario, Canada. The woodlands, wetlands, meadows and pastures on this, and adjoining properties, provide an excellent habitat for our honey bees.

BCB Honey FarmBCB Honey Farm

Surrey, BC

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Each jar contains pure, unpasteurized honey. Locally produced, our honey is harvested from our very own ethically managed hives in farms not too far from where you live, across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.  At our Honey Farm, we pride ourselves in selling raw, natural, unpasteurized honey–it’s the way nature intended. We farm using organic practices on Non-GMO crops.

Drizzle HoneyDrizzle Honey

Calgary, AB

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We now proudly source our honey from apiaries across Canada. In order to keep our honey completely raw, bee-friendly and 100% Canadian we only support local farms and beekeepers, use honey from remote hives away from pesticides and/or those close to diverse floral sources (makes for healthier bees) and those which we know will produce the most luxurious, delicious raw honey available.

Western Sage HoneyWestern Sage Honey

Cloverdale, BC

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KB Honey started in 1884 and remains a family run business that is respected for its uncompromising commitment to quality and the highest standards for purity, cleanliness and safety. It remains a true Western Canadian natural raw honey, from British Columbia and Alberta hives.

Sun Parlor HoneySun Parlor Honey

Cottam, ON

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Sun Parlor Honey is a family owned and operated business located in the Cottam-area. Sun Parlor Honey is among the largest honey producers in the province. This year their 1,700 hives and 85 million bees will produce more than 80 tonnes of award winning Ontario honey.

TuBees HoneyTuBees Honey

Saskatoon, SK

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And that is what goes into the making of our gourmet honey products! Our natural flavourings are gluten-free, nut-free and dairy-free, and they do not contain any artificial flavours or colours.  Also available in our product line is seven amazing flavours that are certified OU Kosher.

Bee Maid HoneyBee Maid Honey

Winnipeg, MB

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We are more than 300 Western Canadian Beekeepers who take care of the honeybees and harvest their pure delicious honey. We’re committed to providing the finest honey in every bottle we package to be enjoyed in households across the country and beyond. We’ve been doing it that way since the inception of our Co-ops in the 1930s and the formation of Bee Maid Honey Limited in 1954, ensuring consistent quality year after year, bottle after bottle.


Toronto, ON

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Offering the world a taste of truly unrefined Canadian sea salt and a selection of sea salt infusions, respectfully hand harvested from the wild coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Campbell’s Gold Honey Farm & MeaderyCampbell’s Gold

Abbotsford, BC

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Campbell’s Gold Honey Farm & Meadery is a family owned diversified farm operation and apiary, based in south west Abbotsford, BC. We are passionate about all things bees, from beekeeping and agri-education, to offering premium  …

Seafoam Lavender

Halifax, NS

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Seafoam Lavender Company & Gardens is a small, family owned and operated agricultural business, dedicated to producing superior quality, direct-from-the-farm lavender products.

Importance Of Bees

Bees Matter

Online Resource

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One out of every three bites of food that we eat is made possible by pollinators like honey bees. As the growers of most of our food, Canadian farmers know how much we all rely on these pollinators. Statistics Canada data shows the number of beekeepers and honey bee hives in our country is on the rise, but there are still a number of factors contributing to honey bee health issues.

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